Ireland - December 2004

Quick Thoughts
  • Arrive in Shannon, Ireland tired, bedraggled, and cranky.
  • Luggage seems to take forever to come off the carousel. Shuttle driver to car rental drove fast and scary - woke us all up.
  • Light rain.
  • Equipped with maps, we're ready to venture on to Tipperary. We estimate that it should take about two hours to get there.
  • Traffic signs are a bit difficult to understand and there are no explanations in any of the books given to us from the car rental company.
  • Countryside is beautful. Meadows and rolling hills in the background dotted with sheep and cattle.
  • Traffic is slow through Limerick as we're driving through during rush hour.
  • Directions to Aherlow Lodge are concise and easy to follow. Hairpin turn and then the breathtaking mountains.
  • Three bedroom, three bathroom house with living room, dining room, and kitchen. We all stumble into bed.
  • Drive into Tipperary for groceries.

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