Ireland - December 2004

Quick Thoughts
  • Woke up and discovered that hot water is a luxury in Ireland and not to be found after 3 people have already showered.
  • Traveled to Waterford today to find the genealogy center. Ruben drives and scares us occasionally but overall does a great job.
  • Countryside is beautiful - houses and lawns are nicely kept. Makes America look trashy.
  • Love the "calming traffic" signs.
  • We're still deciphering street and traffic signs.
  • Saw castle in Cahir that we will visit tomorrow.
  • Used outside toilet in Carrick on Sur. Mom used it as well and will probably never use one again.
  • Took us 2 1/2 hours to get to Waterford. Some confusion parking - need to purchase parking discs.
  • Walked around Waterford searching for genealogy center but did not find it. Could not get correct directions from anyone we asked.
  • Ate at a nice pub for lunch and drove home.

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