Ireland - December 2004

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Capture Date: 2004/12/24 08:19:08
Caption: Directions on the use of the outdoor toilet and coin receptacle. Mom didn't have enough change so she asked a man who happened to be there for change.
Capture Date: 2004/12/24 08:19:30
Caption: Mom bravely entering the outdoor toilet. Once you leave the facility, it cleans itself, spraying the inside with powerful blasts of cleaner. Ruben informed me that these are available in Boston.
Capture Date: 2004/12/24 08:19:51
Caption: Kristin in front of the Garda station and near the outdoor toilet while we wait for grandma.
Capture Date: 2004/12/24 08:20:12
Caption: Kristin posing for me.

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