Joanie, Lisa, and Ruben outside the Louisiana Superdome.

Steve, Kevin, Joanie, Ruben, and Mark outside the Louisiana Superdome.

Kevin and Steve outside the 'dome after the game.

Pats Win!

Steve and Kevin after the field goal.

Joanie, Steve, Mark, Lisa, and Ruben somewhere in N'Orleans.

Mark, Joanie, Lisa, Steve, and Ruben in the Maison D'uprey.

It's all about the beer.

Not just any beer...

Steve, Kevin, Joanie, and Ruben outside the 'dome.

And we're on the 10-yard line...

It's all getting just a bit too much for Steve...

Mark, Joanie, and Kevin after much consumption.

Kevin and Steve after the game.

hmmm...what's this?

Kevin enjoys the music.

A blurry image of Paul McCartney.

Steve and Kevin celebrating the win.


Cover of Sports Illustrated

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