Ireland - December 2004

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Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:39:40
Caption: A view of the church with the gravesite in the front. Gravestones could be found in the front, the rear and both sides of the yard surrounding the church. Although the church appears to have been here for several centuries, there were surprisingly few gravestones.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:40:12
Caption: Clonbeg Church in the Diocese of Cashel. This quaint country church was a short drive from our lodge. There was a stream to the side of the church with pieces of cloth tied to the branches of the overhanging trees.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:41:47
Caption: An ancient crypt found in the rear of Clonbeg Church.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:42:41
Caption: I photographed this headstone from the graveyard in the local church because it named a MacKenna. My ancestors were McKenna's and Irish and I wondered if we had changed from Mac to Mc somewhere in our family's history.

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