Ireland - December 2004

Quick Thoughts
  • Best day so far. Oh, before I forget, we've been to grocery stores almost every day. Carts are pay for - unique system. You put a euro in the slot and get it back when you return the cart. Could use this in America to prevent grocery carts alongside roads.
  • Today went opposite way into Glen of Aherlow. Found old stone country church and then the ruins of an abbey from the 15th century.
  • We climbed a mountain to see megalith. Mom couldn't make it to the top. John was first. He kept trying to turn me back bt we made it. Ruben was last to arrive.
  • Kristin said, "we climbed all this way for a bunch of rocks?"
  • There are megaliths scattered all over Ireland made thousands of years ago. How were they built and what was their purpose?
  • Mom cooking pot roast but having trouble with temperature settings so we ended up going to the pub for sandwiches and beer. Lovely time. Family was singing. Fire was roaring. Comfy chairs.

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