Ireland - December 2004

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Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:57:45
Caption: I loved the road signs that pretended to tell you where you were and where you were going but as you can see they're all a bit helterskelter as the road in front of the signs runs in a fairly straight line from left to right.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:58:23
Caption: Moor Abbey a relic from the 1300's if I remember correctly. As a lover of history, I felt so lucky to be able to experinence this momento of Ireland's past. I remember walking through it and thinking, "this is where they probably prayed and up above there is where their pallets were and look it's close to a fresh water stream and good fields for planting..."
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:58:59
Caption: This was the first of a handful of signs I saw announcing a town as a "tidy town." I don't think you would ever see something like this in America. You will see signs that say "birthplace of Courtney Love" or "home of the foot long hot dog" or "city of lights" but not "tidy town" I think.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 09:59:24
Caption: Moor Abbey

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