Ireland - December 2004

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Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:03:00
Caption: One of the statues inside the abbey placed behind a long flat rock. Perhaps a shrine to a patron saint?
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:03:40
Caption: Inside Moor Abbey. You get a sense of scale with my mom and Ruben standing inside one of the archways of what probably housed stairs leading to a bell and lookout tower. Do you suppose one extremely tall door filled that space or a 1st story dorr and a second story door?
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:25:42
Caption: This was the place to be if you were dead drunk.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:27:32
Caption: The megalith was named "Duntryleague Cairns and Passage Tomb." Passage tombs usually are aligned with some astrological event and have intricate carvings on their walls. They are generally about 5000 years old.

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