Ireland - December 2004

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Capture Date:
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:40:09
Caption: The path we traveled to see the megalith. This was less than halfway to the top of a small mountain. My mom turned around and went back a little bit further than this. John was urged to go ahead and report what he saw while Ruben, Kristin, and I trudged along.
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:54:03
Caption: And this is the megalith that we were able to view on our own at the top of a mountain. If this was in America, long tourist lines and an admission fee would have begun our journey. Look at the size of those stones. How were they moved?
Capture Date: 2004/12/25 10:54:46
Caption: Kristin's comment upon seeing the megalith "We came all this way to see a pile of stones?" That's John peering inside and you can just see Ruben in the distance heading our way.

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