Lisa Segura's Pink Panther Royal Orleans Collection
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    I have been collecting Pink Panther items since I was about 13 years old. I was born in 1964 so that was quite a while ago. I have only been collecting Pink Panther Royal Orleans ceramics since 1999. I actually had one piece given to me as a birthday present back in the early 80's and kept it all these years. It was the jogger figurine. I discovered Ebay and found out there were many, many other Royal Orleans Pink Panther items out there. I went crazy bidding. I now have approximately 100 Royal Orleans Pink Panther items. I purchased every item on Ebay. These items include many figurines, music boxes (12), mugs, vase, bell, bank, ornaments, mirrors, etc. You name it. I believe I have almost every item they made. I am only missing a couple of items. I have had a blast collecting.

    Happy Collecting!

    Lesa Eddlemon
    Rutherford, TN

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    2003 - 2004 Lisa Segura