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    Royal Orleans was licensed by United Artists to produce several lines of ceramic Pink Panther collectibles during the 1980's. These whimsical, lovingly crafted pieces accurately portrayed the irreverent, self-assured, and oh so humorous Pink Panther.

    As a relatively new collector of the Royal Orleans series of Pink Panther collectibles, I was amazed at the lack of resources available to fellow collectors. I decided to utilize my web development experience to create a Royal Orleans online community. Please, please feel free to email images and information of Royal Orleans Pink Panther collectibles to I would especially love to obtain one or more copies of the Royal Orleans wholesale and/or retail catalog.

    On the following pages, I've included images from my collection and other people's collection. If I have overlooked providing credit for an image and you are aware of the origin of the image, please email the information to me so I can add the information to this web site.

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